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Latino Factor


In 2007, when we celebrated our 10th anniversary as Intelligent Mexican Marketing, we asked ourselves:

Where will we be 10 years from now? 

And it brought us to the realization that to be fair to our purpose, which is for everyone to enjoy the best Latino brands, we had to go beyond sharing Latino products.
So we challenged ourselves to become the largest connector of not only Latino products, but services and experiences as well.

Thus, the Latino Factor brand was born.

What does Latino Factor stand for?

The Latino Factor is what makes our culture great. It's what makes us US.

So what are we?

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 We have had a memorable, fun journey so far, and as you join us to create new memories with brands that make you feel en casa,
we know that we will come across ups and downs and many changes.
But we are sure there is one thing that will remain constant. It's the thing that drives us, leads us, unites us, and motivates us. 

It's our clarity of purpose.